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    Perfectly defined eyebrows of your dreams.

Get the Eyebrows You’ve Always Wanted.

Forget about waking up every morning to fill in your brows. Achieve the perfectly defined eyebrows of your dreams with a Microblading session at Embry Aesthetics. One of the most well-known procedures for eyebrow enhancement, microblading has a proven track record of consistent results the world over for no-fuss, low-maintenance eyebrows.

Microblading can be used to reconstruct, define, fill in, and reshape the brows, all while adding color. You may have also heard Microblading referred to as eyebrow embroidery, feathering, or etching.

Microblading is one of the longest-lasting eyebrow enhancement procedures available today. Results can last for a year or longer.

The Benefits of Microblading:

Between tweezing, dyeing, and filling them in, eyebrows require an almost daily commitment. Microblading is an affordable, long-term option to maintaining brows that give natural and consistent results.

Most people don’t have the brow shape that they want. With Microblading, you can change the brow’s shape and fill in sparse hair and change their color. With this simple and affordable treatment, you won’t have to worry about doing your brows for up to a year. Some patients even report their results last up to 36 months.

After the first treatment, yearly touch-ups are all that’s needed to maintain beautiful-looking brows. Unlike other eyebrow enhancement procedures such as eyebrow extensions, the results of microblading are easy to maintain.

There are many advantages to microblading

Eyebrows that have been microbladed will look genuine and natural, unlike eyebrows that have been tattooed

Results from Microblading are proven to last longer, and they fade naturally over time

Upkeep and touch-ups are needed less frequently than any other eyebrow enhancement, saving both time and money

Brows will appear thicker and fuller, adding contour to the face and dimension to the eyes

How Microblading Works

At the beginning of your microblading session, one of our trained professionals will apply a topical numbing cream to the brow area. While it’s relatively painless, the numbing cream allows you to be as comfortable as possible since a microblade is used to pierce the skin lightly.

During the procedure, a small blade that’s been sanitized and kept in a sterile environment is used to place small amounts of pigment underneath the skin going in lines that mimic the eyebrow’s natural hair growth.

There is no downtime once the microblading session is over. Following treatment, you may experience redness and sensitivity for up to a month afterward. After the initial session, it’s recommended that patients undergo a touch-up treatment about once every year to maintain their results.

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