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Luxury Facials

Take time to care for your skin.

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Deal with skin concerns with a luxurious facial.

Luxury facials are one of the best ways to take care of your skin. It can be tailored to suit your specific needs and skin concerns to ensure that you’re getting the very best results from your treatment.

Whether your concerns are aging, rosacea, sensitive skin, blemish control or uneven pigment, age marks, and hyperpigmentation, our facial treatments are essential.

We use SkinBetter products to cleanse, rejuvenate, hydrate, and take care of your skin (you can buy them through us too! Click here to create an account and purchase). We’ll take the time to thoroughly assess your skin’s needs and deal with any specific concerns or problem areas.

A facial treatment is also a great stress-reliever and is a fantastic to unwind. It’s the perfect, relaxing wellbeing treatment!

Is a facial for you?

The short answer is yes! A facial is a fantastic treatment for all ages, whatever your skincare needs or concerns. Whether your skin is sensitive, you struggle with blemishes, you have a skin condition such as rosacea, or you have concerns around aging skin, our tailored facial treatment can work with your skin’s natural balance. Book your luxury facial with us today!

Osmosis Luxury Facials

Detoxifies and balances oily skin

Evens out skin tone

Reduces sun spot damage

Decreases hyper-pigmentation

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